Handi Quilter

We have posted many classes for October, November, and December. We have some really fun projects that will make great gifts from the heart for Christmas including a T-Shirt Quilt class! Log on to lqacademy.net and Sign up we will be so excited to see you! 

Below are some Zentangle Motifs done in class.  Each Student was drawing the same design but look at how unique.

In July I attended CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) classes in Providence, Rhode Island.  I had such a wonderful time.  I learned so many great techniques to pass on to you while you create your own works of art.  So many of you will say, "I'm not artistic" but you can draw one line at a time.  They are now using Zentangle for Cancer and Pain patients because of the calming effect it gives. A man submitted a testimonial this month about how much Zentangle is helping him in his AA meetings.  He stated that when he does his Zentangle while listening in the meetings, he retains more.  I have been doing Zentangle for several years and on the days that I start with just 15 minutes of Zentangle I am so much more relaxed and calm.  I also carry a large selection of Zentangle supplies.  So go to our website and sign up for a class or several classes, I promise you will be glad you did. 

Remember we have the largest selection of quilting thread, minky (60" and 90"), wide back fabrics, longarm gadgets, and Zentangle supplies in the DFW area.  COME ON IN