Zentangle Kids Camp

Monday, July 24th, 2017
12:30pm - 2:30pm $0.00


 School is Out and Summer has begun! 

Let the Fun begin.


Zentangle!  An international phenomenon that now has applications in stress reduction, education, therapy and even motivational training.

Like "doodling" it is based on a human behavior in which one refrains from planning and allows lines and shapes to unintentionally emerge.  Instead of coloring outside of the lines, this class gives one the ability to create their own lines.

Only a few materials needed to create our designs: a pencil, a black pen, and a 4" tile (supplied in the beginner kit).

Benefits include: calming an anxious mind, increasing self-confidence, and cultivating moment-to-moment awareness similar to mindfulness meditation.




Sign up for this 8 week camp starting June 12th and continuing for 8 weeks every Monday!  You will be so glad you did this for your child.

The $92.00 charge pays for the beginner kit and 8 weeks of 2 hour sessions.







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